Designed by U‘i Naho‘olewa

Wai is a resource provided by the gods for the hoa ‘āina to care for. The akua Kāne and Kanaloa bring the wai from the deep aquifers of our islands up to the surface to nourish the land and the people of the land. The design shape mirrors the maka from the kō.kō of the water carrying container. The idea of carrying water symbolizes the kuleana that we have: The water is a resource that we can use but we must always be mindful that water does not belong to the people but to the land. The center white line touching the dark blue represents the o‘o used by Kāne and Kānaloa to find the freshwater sources of each island. The green represents the Mountains where the clouds gather to bring rain. The white vertical lines represent waterfalls we see on our mountains when the heavy rain falls. The kapala patterns are different kinds of waters that collect and travel down to the dark blue which is the island aquifer that holds the water of the island.