“He Pūnāwai Māpuna ka ʻŌlelo.”Itʻs not just about the ʻŌlelo; itʻs all about the ʻŌlelo.

The ʻŌlelo is likened to a spring that bubbles forth with pure wai, sustaining all life. The aquifers, created thousands of years ago, are likened and understood to be the source of the rich ʻŌlelo of our kūpuna.

“E neʻepapa ka ʻohana ma ke aʻo i ka ʻōlelo.”

This session will examine the transformative power of learning and speaking the ʻŌlelo as an ʻohana. It is essential that we move together as we have done through millennia. As we drink together from the pūnāwai māpuna, we reconnect with the ancients from which all ʻike flows.