Ka Pō, Ka Pō, Ka Ao, Ka Awatea: The Secret to Walking on Water

This workshop discusses an essential role of all Māori Librarians who work in non-Māori institutions. The secret to walking on water is knowing where the rocks are. One of those rocks for Māori Librarians is having the ability to indigenise western squares to fit Māori circles. The University of Waikato Library developed a Research Lifecycle which outlines the typical sequential process for conducting research. Indigenising the Research Lifecycle not only required additional steps but a reconsideration of the research imperative, the context, the stages and the researcher focus, and resulted in a variant methodology. The Māori narrative “How Maui Slowed the Sun” was used as the framework for an indigenous research lifecycle, using the myth itself, and traditional storytelling elements to highlight both the development of research and the researcher themselves.