“Kua herea Te Ao Māori ki ngā pūnaha Pākehā”(The Māori world is bound with European systems)

Since the migration of the European to the native shores of Aotearoa, our indigenous Māori world and world view has been oppressed, suppressed, overpowered and disenfranchised by a European ‘Megalomanian Complexion’ and a colonialised civilisation determined to limit, stifle and even prevent the growth and existence of our people within a ‘White Washed World’. Furthermore, these overwhelming ‘Shackles of Sovereignty’ continue to successfully assimilate our people in to a mono-cultured world and way of life, and abandon or refute the teachings and unique indigenous knowledge systems and beliefs of our ancestors. This workshop focusses on 3 areas of knowledge: Mātauranga Māori (traditional Māori knowledge), Whakapono Māori (Māori beliefs) and Ngā whakaritenga o te marae (the administration of a marae).