Pelehonuamea; Hawaiian Volcanism and Geology

Papakū Makawalu is an archaic Native Hawaiian research methodology reused in this 21st century. Papakū Makawalu is a holistic approach to the natural environment. The Native Hawaiian divided his/her world into three sections: a) Papahulilani, the space above our heads to the stars; b) Papahulihonua, the earth inclusive of the mountain, ocean, volcanism, fresh water; c) Papahānaumoku, all creatures of generative cycles.
The Papakū Makawalu team would like to demonstrate how information of the natural world is retrieved from chants; oli, mele. Using “Pelehonuamea” or volcanism as the focused research, they will reveal the outcome of Papahulihonua upon Papahulilani (the space above) and Papahānaumoku (generative creatures).