‘Tīhewa – A cleansing of the life palette’Identity formation in the urban vs rural Māori discussion

Identity formation is symbolised by the transtion of moving from one state to another in terms of growth, and development in the pursuit of excellence. Māori identity is especially important as we continue to endure the effects of the urbanisation movement in the 1950’s & 60’s today and our childrena dn children’s children are calling urban towns home. I have become accustomed to the feeling of living away from my true home – where the home fires are kept burning by the old people. The old people continue to fight for us, for our identity. I see the old people fighting, I feel the old people fighting. This is the fire handed down as an intergenerational legacy for us to maintain.
This workshop will explore the rural vs urban Māori debate in Aotearoa New Zealand through an artistic portrayal.