Understanding a sense of place through art-making. The art based experience will encourage workshop participants to recall a time where they especially felt connected to the land or the environment and through a variety of materials; water based crayons and mixed media paper, workshop participants will create imagery that reflects a sense of place.

Understanding One’s Sense of Place Through Art Making
Co Carew, Expressive Arts therapist, will discuss her research, ‘The moccasin project; Understanding a Sense of Place. The sixty-minute art based workshop will focus on the following question: How does a sense of place, encourage a remembrance of indigenous cultural knowledge and a feeling of being connected to the environment? Participants will create artwork and then discuss the symbols, shapes and designs used to illustrate their interpretation of a ‘sense of place’. The image below illustrates artwork that we will create to illicit discussion about a sense of place. It is hoped that workshop participants can leave feeling grounded and understand how ‘place’ plays a significant variable in the healing process for Indigenous peoples. In short, how one defines ‘place’ is important for overall wellbeing.