Weaving the Ka’ao of Ki’i and Academia: Interdisciplinary and Inter-institutional Approaches to Teaching

Welling up and flowing forth from the source of indigenous knowledge are methods of communication written not with words, but in ki‘i, movements, chant, hei, weaving, and cultivation of divine relationships with akua, kanaka, and honua. Presenters will share interdisciplinary and inter-institutional approaches to teaching English, Kinesiology, and Sociology at the sister institutions of the University of Hawai’i- Hilo and Hawai’i Community College. This workshop will involve interactive opportunities for workshop participants to work with hei to create and embody ki’i. Panelists will reflect on how incorporating indigenous practices into curricula has promoted student engagement, participation, and retention, and has also informed their leadership, and supported their professional, academic, and personal well-being.